lunes, 23 de enero de 2012


I´m happy to tell you that I´m expecting a baby girl! I have 5 months now, I´m really exciting and everything is a new experience. She started to move and kick my belly, a wonderful sensation!!!

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Etrapar dijo...

oh so nice! congrats! I am sure you are blooming of happiness right now! kisses&

Couture Carrie dijo...

So exciting, darling!


ChusdB dijo...

¿De verdad, Rina? ¡ Pues no sabesvcuánto me alegro!
Un beso!

Hila dijo...

Congratulations Rina, that's wonderful!! You'll be the best mother :)

Rina dijo...

thanks girls! you´re very nice!

Greetz from Tiz dijo...

ohhh that's a magnificent surprise!Congrats, there is nothing more wonderful!!
enjoy every moment!!xxx

Decoracion.IN dijo...

Felicitaciones Rina! cuánta alegría debés tener, a disfrutar de cada momento, un abrazo de otra Argentina :)