miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2008

Laura, from the delightful a world in a pan blog, gave me this beautiful award. I have to choose and give this award to 7 blogs that I enjoy, that I did before but I want to do it again because I have more fav blogs and of course I will repeat ones, because It´s part of my daily blog visits. Thanks to you Laura, you are so sweet and I´m very happy that you like this blog!

1. Krisatomic, Kris is an illustrator, I love her style and her blog very much

2. El beso, Karina is an argentinian too, so I feel very related with her and she is very nice and kind person, I love her blog, is so stylish

3. Loveology, Mila is so sweet, I love her blog because she has a great style, every picture that she post, the things she tells, I really love this blog, so I think the name of this blog is fair!

4. Your cover´s blown (lumière now), this blog is one of my daily visits, I really like this blog, Hila is a great girl and very clever, I think that if we meet personally I could chat with her for hours (I promise not to boring you Hila hahah) Anyway she talks about books and movies and fashion, I love this mix.

5. Swissmiss, Tina Roth is a graphic designer, she lives in New York and everything in her blog is very interesting, I visit this blog very often because I keep in touch with everything related with design

6. The cherry blossom girl, I love the name, the blog, everything. Alix has a great style

7. Red aprons & lunch boxes, Jo is great, everything that she recomends I love it, for example she made a post about Camera obscura and Those dancing days and I can´t stop to hear them all day long, thanks Jo!

5 comentarios:

karina dijo...

Rina, gracias!!!
conozco todos mrnos uno de esos blogs y la verdad es que son buenisimos, voy a darme una pasadita por el que me falta.

Hila dijo...

oh thank you Rina, that's so sweet of you! I'll post my seven blogs tomorrow. It's a shame that you've already received this as I would have given one to you :)

P.S. I also have a feeling that if we met face-to-face we could talk for hours!

Andy dijo...

Camera Obscura are amazing - have you heard "Eighties Fan" and "I Don't Do Crowds"?

My two favourite songs by them!

Rina dijo...

Karina, de nada, amo tu blog en serio, se me ha hecho una adicción.

Hila, you´re welcome!

Andy, I don´t know the names yet, but I love all songs of them, they are absolutely great!

flo dijo...

Thanks to show us new and interesting persons,/!;;)