viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Esta noche::Tonight

Hoy tenemos de menú algo bien sano!, una especie de sopa/guiso de tomates y varias verduras...bien simple y sencillo, pero realmente exquisito!

Tonight we have something very very simple but very healthy! this kind of soup/stew of tomatoes and lots of vegetables...really exquisite!

4 comentarios:

Audrey dijo...

It looks just like a soup my mother used to make when I was little. It was best served with some fluffy white rolls. Mmmm.

Etrapar dijo...

taht's look yamy ^.*, I posted the article you tagged me...Have a fab weekend!

Lyn dijo...

mmmmmmmmm....que deli, casi que hasta puedo sentir su olor.
Requerimos receta! jajajaja, me he antojado.
En breve mi pendiente. Un abrazo.

Laura in Paris dijo...

THis is what I have very often in winter! Love these vegetable soups!