martes, 22 de julio de 2008

Your cover´s blown award!

I´m so happy because Hila from Your cover´s blown blog, gave me this award and is more important for the things she said about me, you´re very sweet Hila and thanks again!

So, the rules of this award are: when you receive this award, showcase it on your blog and link to the person who awarded you with it. Hereafter, give the award to 7 other blogs and comment on their blog to let them know.

As Hila said, a very dificult task, I have a lot favorites blogs and it´s very hard for me pick only 7!

but here I go:
Pintame el día: I love Esti ilustrations and thoughts, not only the images are amazing, the text and words are beautiful

Red aprons & lunchboxes: Jo is a very kind person and I love her blog because I love her picks, info and everything, pictures, etc, and when she show to us her beautiful and colorful Mexico.

El beso: Karina is an amazing girl, and finally we will meet in person in Buenos Aires! She has a big heart. Her blog is full of beautiful things, details and style.

Loveology: I recently discovered this blog, is very inspiring and has a lot of style images. Love it!

Emilyabigail: this blog is a really eye candy. It has everything, amazing clothes, arquitecture, interior design, trends. Is one of my daily blog visits.

About taste and inspiration: Angelique is a very nice person, I love her blog because she has good taste, and I love every picture that she posts.

Fifi flowers: another recently discovered, I love her amazing drawings of beautiful places and interiors!

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Mila dijo...

Ah Rina, thank you so much!! I really appreciate your sweet words!

When i get home from work tonight i will defenitely post this great thing on my blog and reward 7 other great bloggers with it.

Thanks again and have a lovely day!

:) Mila.

Esti dijo...

rina, gracias!! Eres encantadora. también a mí me gusta pasarme por aquí.
espero poder postear esto a final de semana o así.

Emily Abigail dijo...

Wow, thank you so, so much! What a pleasant & unexpected surprise. I'm truly honored. :)

I will also do this once I get home!

Rina dijo...

Thank you girls! for have amazing blogs, taste and style. You make this world a more beautiful place hahah...seriously!

karina dijo...


karina dijo...

Solo lo escribiste en ingles, vine para copiarte y escribir menos, es un bajon escribir en 2 idiomas, ya lo termine en ingles, mañana lo sigo en castellano.

Hila dijo...

Hi Rina, it was my pleasure!!

danica dijo...

Congrats Rina :)

jo dijo...

¡¡¡rina, muchas gracias!!! qué linda eres, me ha dado muchísima emoción!

espero que sepas que a mí también me fascina tu blog y me encantaría que algún día se nos haga irnos a tomar un cafe juntas :)

te mando un abrazote!

Rina dijo...

Jo de nada! un placer. Y sí, que bueno estaría tomarnos un cafecito, quizás en algún momento, quien sabe...tendríamos miles de cosas para hablar,imaginate, y a mi que no me cuesta nada hablar jajja
Un abrazo!

Mary-Laure dijo...

Te felicito!!