miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

4 things

This is me at 5 years old

Sweet Danica tagg me when I was in Buenos Aires, sorry for the delay. I like number four, so here I go:

4 things I did today

Get up in the morning with a lot of sleep
Took the subway to the office
now I´m reading emails and catching up with the things to do today

4 things on my to do list

finish Donnie Darko movie, I rented last weekend
think about my sister´s present for her birthday
think about what I´m gonna do to my birthday party
write emails

4 of my guiltiest pleasures

chocolate mousse
my book addiction
Trent Reznor from Nine inch nails
I have a song in my ipod of Enrique Iglesias, which yes, I like it

4 random facts about me

I don´t like my hair
I laugh very loud
I love learning things
I hear and sing music of my favorites songs when I cook

I would like to invite everyone to do this tagg, and let me know please

5 comentarios:

Laura in Paris dijo...

THank you for sharing with us the picture .. and more.

danica dijo...

It is so lovely to read more about you Rina! I must say I find your Trent Reznor guilty pleasure very identifiable :)

Rina dijo...

A world in a pan, is very strange to share things by the web but It´s very nice too and your welcome!

Danica, really? did you think so? haha, I really like him, but it´s not like me at all!

Unknown dijo...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you
i have added you in my blogroll.
i hope you also like to my blog in your blogroll

Anónimo dijo...

a lovely girl in that so strange and nice little white house!!
My chocolate mousses are very good, I hope one day you could taste it!