lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

Spoiled with presents

I had a great time yesterday with my family. I woke up and I started to recived presents!

Vero Alfie Shirt

sister present: beautiful earings by Maria Rivolta

beautiful brooch

Shirt by Akiabara

my favorite dress ever, by Topshop

An amazing sunset

the most beautiful present: flowers by my husband


4 comentarios:

Hila dijo...

oh you lucky girl :)

danica dijo...

Ooh, such beautiful presents, Rina. I particularly love your new blouse :)

Angélique dijo...

Oh I missed your birthday... sorry...
Congatulations! I hope 29 will be very nice for you! ;)

Angélique dijo...

Oh forgot to tell: what a beautiful presents! Wow that dress.