lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009


Let me show you this beautiful and magical place called Quintay, is near Viña del Mar, an hour from Santiago. We love go there with my family.

a very nice friend
More friends! they are really funny

Ok you can eat this seaweed in a kind of a stew, I don´t know...very strange

The beautiful and misterious Pacific Ocean

the classical fish and chips

this is a typical dish called Pastel de jaiva, it´s a kind of a crab cake or something like that, with parmesan cheese and cream, oh my!

3 comentarios:

Laura in Paris dijo...

Ah, estuve por alli hace muchos muchos anos .. comiendo mariscos .. ah, me recuerdo unos que creo se llamaban "locos" algo asi ... que lindo!

Rina dijo...

Laura que risa que conoces este lugar porque esta como escondido! y sí se llaman Locos, son muy ricos!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment dijo...

mmm, looks like an awesome spot! and that pastel de jaiva just made me hungry. it sounds like a bite of heaven :)