martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Seven random facts about myself

sweet hila has tagged me to list seven random facts about myself and tag seven bloggers to do the same. Thanks so much, here I go:

1. sometimes i really get mad with human race or people in general, when they are rude, mistreat animals or inocent people, i want to punch in the face!!! (of course i never do that, so my anger still grow)

2. I love what I do, design and teaching, i can do this all my life

3. i think i told you this before, but i´m really nerd, i love books and knowledge with all my heart, and this friday i start a book club with my dearest friend Natalia, and we start with isabel allende´s "the house of spirits" (i will tell you more about this)

4. I love sebastian, he´s the best that happened in my life, we know each other since i was 15 years old (i´m 30), he was my first and only boyfriend, my first kiss, my best friend and my entire world, we have a lot of stories together, it´s a pleasure to share this beautiful life with him.

5. chopin and vivaldi music inspires me a lot and sometimes a little tear drop in my face, it´s magical music...

6. i love to laugh very loud when i watch "seinfield", "frasier", "the big bang theory", "will and grace" (my favorite tv shows of course)

7. i always want to look like those girls in the 1940´s, i love the hair, the clothes, the elegance, that sofistication.

i tagg: Angelique, etrapar, Laura, christine, mila, lyn and kathya

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Esti dijo...

ddme encanta saber cosas sobre mis amigas blogueras


Etrapar dijo...

thank you for tagging me, as soon I'll post I'll announce you...haha I can't wait!
So, now about yourself, some tips:
1. when I'm angry I sing loud, It's so funny sometimes, you also can dance
4. you should write a poem for S
5. try to make a bow on that beautiful music and then put it in your hair and dance
7. you can darling with some make-up and hairstyle (like this)

Christine dijo...

Hi Rina :-)
Such wonderful facts. I have one exact match :-)
Thanks for tagging me. I'll include them in my next post :-)

Couture Carrie dijo...

So sweet about Sebastian!

Love this post and the pic that accompanies it, darling!


Lyn dijo...

Pero mira que bonito...Me encanta saber más sobre una de las personas que admiro en esto del diseño y en este mundillo de los Blogs.
Gracias por la visita y por la invitación, proximamente la rta :D un besito :D

Rina dijo...

Esti, que bueno, es bueno compartir estas cosas con ustedes!

Etrapar, I will take all those amazing advises!! and loved that look!

Christine, you´re welcome and I can´t wait to see your next post

Couture Carrie, in that pic I was 7 or 8 years old, I was having a lot of fun

Lyn, avisame obviamente cuando hagas este post y gracias por tus palabras. Un abrazo!

Hila dijo...

I agree with everything, but particularly 5 and 7!

Angélique dijo...

O my, I just see this now!
Thanks for tagging me I'll get right on it.

I love your facts!

Lyn dijo...

Finalmente, acabo de cumplir con mi palabra. Te espero en mi blog.