jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Learning from Lizzie

Last night I watched Pride and Prejudice (I watched it like ten times or more, and let me tell you that I could watch this movie tomorrow again and always feels like first time). I admire Jane Austen of course, one of my favorite female writers, but this character of Elizabeth Bennet is really amazing and my favorite. I love her personality and even her weakness or when she feel sad, but I love the most when she always has a word to say, an answer for everything, and even more when Mr. Darcy say something cruel to her. I have to learn from her, sometimes I have that feeling, that someone say something cruel and I want to have the perfect answer, but simply
I can´t. Oh! Lizzie, you are such a clever girl.

Who´s your favorite character of Austen books?

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Katyha dijo...

I LOVE Emma Woodhouse

Unknown dijo...

Me too!!!. I can watch this movie 100 times and every time is better.

I think that is really hard to have the perfect words to each situation. Even the most complicated. May be been calm and relax to think two times before to say something.



Laura in Paris dijo...

I have seen Pride and Prejudice several times too!

Unknown dijo...

I kind of relate to Emma Woodhouse. yes, initially she is spoilt, vain and ignorant, but she learns a lot, and having faults is so much more human. I love Austen, and miss studying it!

Claire @ Jazzpad

danica dijo...

i love sense and sensibility. and i too wish that i had an intelligent comeback for cruel comments - it would make life so much easier :)

Etrapar dijo...

I also saw that movie, nice one :)

Hila dijo...

Lizzie is always my favourite, I think she was one of the first female characters that actually had an interesting internal life (in her mind) that you actually cared about.

Maru dijo...

Lizzie es mi favorita! Y Mr Darcy mi galan preferido!