viernes, 16 de julio de 2010


La siguiente ciudad fue Londres. Soñé con esta ciudad desde que era adolescente, aquellos días de escuchar The Smiths, New order, Pj Harvey y muchos más. Siempre quise conocer Londres. Y fue todo tal cual pensé, todo perfecto!. Disfruté mucho esas callecitas, el museo Británico, el Tate Modern, el Big Ben, el double decker bus, pero mis lugares favoritos fue Notting Hill y Southbank. Amé absolutamente la tienda del Tate Modern, sufrí viendo todos esos libros hermosos de arte y diseño, eran una delicia!

Next city was London. I dreamed with this city since I was very young, those days of listen The Smiths, New order, Joy Division, Pj Harvey and so many more. I always want to go to London. And it was just like I thought, just perfect!. I enjoyed a lot those beautiful little streets, the British Museum, the Tate Modern, the Big Ben, double decker buses, but my favorite place was Notting Hill and Southbank. Absolutely loved the shop of the Tate modern, I suffered with all those beautiful books of art and design...I wanted all of them!

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hila dijo...

oh wow Rina! So glad to hear you're having such a great time and great pictures!!

Susanna-Cole dijo...

Looks like fun, I've never been to London!

Belated thanks for your comment! ♥


Juddie dijo...

Wow ... I love London, and I really want to go back there, but my husband doesn't like it for some reason. I'd like to live there for a year or two :-)