viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

cocinando todo el día::cooking all day

Hoy fue una tarde para cocinar. Vinieron mi amiga Nati, mi mamá y Lucy, mi hermana, a tomar el té. Hice un strudel de manzana y una mini torta de limón.
De cena, hice un salmón que no les puedo explicar el color increíble que tenía, con una batata o camote y unos tomates bien maduros. Todo estuvo muy rico y divertido!

Today was a great day to cook. I had the lovely visit of my friend Nati, mom and sister Lucy. I made a classic tea time, with apple strudel and a mini lemon cake.
For dinner later, I made an amazing and beautiful salmon with sweet potato and very fresh tomatoes. Everything was fun and very nice!

8 comentarios:

hila dijo...

I wish I could cook like you! And I wish I could have joined you :)

Juddie dijo...

Wow! What a wonderful selection of delicacies! They look delicious.

Christine dijo...

Oh -- it looks so delicious, and what a perfect way to spend the day :-))
(said one lood lover to another :-)

thank you for those very very sweet words you sent me

Couture Carrie dijo...

Delicious post, darling!


Esti dijo...

tiene todo una pinta estupenda, Rina. Para mí la cocina es un misterio, algo a admirar.

Etrapar dijo... seems to be complicated what you've done there...good for you! haha congrats!

Greetz from Tiz dijo...

waauuh what a beautiful table!!
And I love your pictures of Amsterdam!So cute!
See you soon dear Rina,

Anónimo dijo...

It all looks absolutely wonderful; so glad to see that people are still cooking. There's a trend here to consume more and more ready-made food... it's sad. Sure it tasted delicious! Wishing you a lovely weekend!