domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

I´ve been Tagged!

I´ve been tagged by the sweet and great Hila, so here I go:

What are the last three things you purchased?

Everything for my new home, I´m moving this week, so
1. lights
2. curtains
3. armchair

What are the last three songs you downloaded?

1. Discipline by Nine Inch Nails
2. 5:55 by Charlotte Gainsbourg
3. Age of consent, version by Grant Lee Philips

What were the last three places you visited?

No so much lately
1. Buenos Aires
2. Mar del Plata
3. Cajón del Maipo

What are your three favorite movies?

1. Something´s gotta give by Nancy Meyers
2. Manhattan Murder mystery by Woody Allen
3. All about my mother by Pedro Almodovar

What are your three favorite possessions?

1. Two amazing and vintage sweters that my mom gave to me years ago
2. My bonsai
3. My shoes

What three things can you not live without?(the keyword is "things" not people ...)

1. my books
2. my ipod
3. my laptop

What would be your three wishes?

1. own an art gallery or bookstore
2. travel around the world with my husband
3. have all my closet with chanel clothes (oh I really wish this haha)

What are three things you haven't done yet?

1. eat insects, and I will never do this anyway
2. visit London
3. be on tv

What are your three favourite dishes?

1. everything that my mom makes, she´s an amazing cooker
2. armenian food and dishes
3. sushi

What three celebrities do you want to hang out with the most?

1. John Galliano
2. Diane Keaton
3. Sofia Copola

Name three things that freak you out

1. Rude people that don´t care about others
2. Wars
3. every kind of violence (to women, children, old people, animals) I can´t understand it, and I really can´t tolerate it

Name three unusual things you are good at

1. cooking and eating
2. painting
3. buying clothes and shoes

What are three things that you are coveting?

1. decorating my new home all with scandinavian design
2. wearing chanel clothes all day long ( I think you know already that I love Chanel)
3. Travel all around Europe

Name three bloggers you are tagging

MissK from My Champagne dreams

5 comentarios:

Mila dijo...

Oh Rina, i loved reading this, although your answers are quite short. ;)

Great to know a little more about you!

:) Mila.

Mila dijo...

Heey, why i am not on your list of favourite blogs anymore?
Don't you like it anymore? :(


Rina dijo...

Mila your blog is a daily visit for me, of course is one of my fab blogs
I was updated the other day and I forgot a lot of blogs.

karina dijo...

a lo habia visto, y lo conteste mentalmente mientras estaba en el super,iba comparando tus respuestas con las mias.
Creo que lo voy a escribir solo en ingles como vos.
Un beso

Hila dijo...

I loved reading your answers Rina :)