martes, 19 de agosto de 2008


Picnic es la creación de dos talentosas diseñadoras argentinas Coty Larguía y Eugenia Troncoso. Tienen de todo, pero una de las cosas que más llama la atención son las telas y todos los diseños derivados. Se dedican más que todo a la estampa. Visiten el sitio web porque es para verlo absolutamente todo. Si visitan la tienda haganlo con tiempo porque es para quedarse horas.

Picnic is the creation of two talented argentinian designers Coty Larguia y Eugenia Troncoso. They have a lot of designs, but one thing that captured my eye was the fabrics and all the designs that they made with it. They print their own fabrics. You must visit their web site because all is beautiful. If you visit their shop, you must need a lot of time because you can stay hours and hours!

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Unknown dijo...

Que divinas las tazas con el helicoptero!!!
Todavia no fui a buscar tus(mis) carteras!!!

loveology dijo...

Oh Rina, woow, this is such an amazing shop!

I am dying to travel the world (also a lot of countries in South America, of course!).
I would love so much to learn new countries, languages and of course shopping and thrifting till i fall down...

I'll search for the post you mentioned in your comment.

Thanks, sweetheart! <3


/// dijo...

Oh Rina--- that looks like such a divine place to shop! :)

danica dijo...

Wow - this place looks fabulous! I love the traditional art on the walls!

Fifi Flowers dijo...

WOW... I love this shop! I love all those pillows! I love the art work too! FAB post!
Pop over to Provence tomorrow for a visit and maybe a picnic! Fifi

Anónimo dijo...

a sweet shop, with great creativity, and a beautifull yellow ambiance

Jen of MadeByGirl dijo...

I agree i LOVE this shop!!

Jen Ramos
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